Make Your Car Stand Out with Custom Hand-Drawn Stickers

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Are you seeking a method to make your car stand apart? Custom hand-drawn stickers are an excellent option. Printed Memories offers unique and creative designs that can be applied directly to any vehicle. From car enthusiast stickers to Japanese domestic market (JDM) custom vinyl stickers, vehicle decals, and family car graphics - there is something for everyone. You'll also appreciate our selection of fade-resistant materials, sticker paper quality, and a wide range of colors available when creating your custom design or artwork. Learn more about how to apply these eye-catching additions with our helpful installation process guide. Stand out from the crowd with custom hand-drawn print stickers for your car today.

Custom Vehicle decals

Types of Car Stickers and Decals

Custom Car Decals and Stickers are accessible in numerous designs, forms, and dimensions. Expressing yourself or displaying your interests without the permanence of a paint job can be achieved with car stickers and decals. There is something for everyone, from car enthusiast stickers to Japanese domestic market (JDM) designs. Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of car stickers and decals:

Car Enthusiast Stickers:

Car enthusiasts love showing off their passion with these eye-catching designs. Popular choices include sports team logos, classic vehicle emblems, racing stripes, and more. Many enthusiasts even customize their own car decal sticker design by uploading photos or artwork online before ordering them printed on vinyl material that can withstand outdoor elements like rain and sun exposure.

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Stickers:

JDM style has become increasingly popular over the years due to its unique aesthetic appeal design stickers featuring bold graphics such as kanji characters, anime characters, dragons, geishas, pandas and other symbols associated with Japan's culture. These stickers usually feature bright colors like reds or yellows against black backgrounds for maximum impact when applied onto cars surfaces.

Family Car Stickers:

Family car stickers are perfect for those who want to add personal touches to their vehicles while expressing pride in their family name or unit number if they have one assigned from work or school organizations. These types of decals often feature images like hearts joined together with names inside them, along with ship stickers with slogans about how much “love” exists within the family unit itself – making it a great choice for any proud parent out there looking for ways to make their ride stand out from the crowd.

Express yourself with custom car decals

Family car stickers are perfect for those who want to add some personal touches to their vehicles while also expressing pride in their family name or unit number if they have one assigned from work or school organizations. These types of decals often feature images like hearts joined together with names inside them along with slogans about how much love exists within the family unit itself, making it a great choice for any proud parent out there looking for ways to make their ride stand out from the crowd.

From bumper stickers to window decals, many car stickers and decals are available for personalizing your vehicle. Customizing your car with individualized, hand-crafted designs and selling stickers that express your identity and fashion can help make it stand out from the masses.

Key Takeaway: For car owners who want to add a personal touch, custom hand-drawn stickers are the way to go. They offer an eye-catching design that will make your vehicle stand out and express your interests or family pride with designs ranging from classic emblems to JDM graphics and even personalized images.

Customization Options

Customization options are what make Printed Memories' car stickers, and decals stand out from the rest. With a variety of paper, colors, designs, artwork, and fade-resistant materials to choose from – there's something for everyone.

Choose between luster or matte textures that can withstand up to 5 years without blurring or peeling. You can also choose between white and clear vinyl so your design pops with vivid colors. Plus, all our sticker papers are waterproof, which means they won't get damaged by rain or snow.

Perfect for racers

The selection of colors is vast at Printed Memories – we offer everything from classic black and white designs to bright neons like pink, yellow, and green that really catch the eye. We even have metallic golds and silvers for those who want an extra sparkle on their ride. Our range of hues will surely lend a distinct aspect to your vehicle, whatever the desired effect.

Fade-resistant materials ensure that your sticker lasts longer than ever before. We use only top-grade vinyl in our production process, which makes them resistant to cracking, peeling or fading over time due to exposure to sunlight or water damage. This ensures your design looks as good as new year after year - making it worth every penny spent.

Designs & artwork come in all shapes and sizes at Printed Memories too. Whether you’re looking for a simple logo design or something more intricate such as an illustration – we’ve got you covered with thousands of options available online. From sports teams logos to floral patterns - there's something for everyone here at Printed Memories, so why not start customizing today?

Finally, installation is easy thanks to our pre-cut stickers, which come ready-to-apply straight away onto any clean surface such as car windows, bumpers etc. All you need is some rubbing alcohol (or soap & water) plus some masking tape if necessary - then just peel off the backing sheet carefully while pressing down firmly on each corner until the sticker shops fully adhered. Voila: one beautiful customized car sticker created by you.

Customizing your car with hand-drawn stickers can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and express yourself. For optimal durability, selecting a suitable quality paper for printing your sticker is essential.

Key Takeaway: Customize your car with Printed Memories' top-grade vinyl stickers and decals that come in a variety of paper, colors, designs, and artwork. With fade-resistant materials ensuring long-lasting vibrancy, these pre-cut stickers are easy to apply for an eye-catching look on any clean surface - so go ahead and 'pimp out' your ride.

Sticker Paper Quality

Sticker paper quality is an important factor when creating custom car stickers. The right type of vinyl sticker paper can make all the difference in terms of durability, longevity and overall look. Picking the proper sticker paper for your project necessitates taking into account weight, finish, and adhesive strength.


Sticker papers come in different weights or thicknesses, which determine how durable they will be over time. Thinner papers are more affordable but won’t last as long as thicker ones so it pays to invest in higher-quality materials if you want your stickers to stand the test of time.


Glossy finishes provide a vibrant color that really stands out, whereas matte finishes have less sheen but still look good without glare from light sources like direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. It’s up to personal preference what finish you choose for your car stickers, depending on where they will be used and how much visibility you need them to have.

Adhesive Strength:

When selecting sticker paper, it’s important to take into account how strong the adhesive is because this affects how well it sticks onto surfaces such as metal or plastic bumpers and doors on cars or other vehicles. Some adhesives are stronger than others, so check before purchasing that yours has enough stickiness for its intended purpose.

Overall, taking into consideration these three aspects – weight, finish, and adhesive strength – when buying sticker paper ensures that your car decals remain to look great for longer periods of time no matter where they end up being stuck. Investing in higher-quality materials will ensure that your stickers stand the test of time, and choosing a finish depending on visibility needs is essential to achieving the desired look. Additionally, selecting an all-adhesive sticker paper with enough stickiness for its intended purpose is important to guarantee secure adhesion.

Sticker paper quality is an important factor to consider when creating custom hand-drawn stickers for your car. The range of shades obtainable can assist you in designing a one-of-a-kind appearance that will draw attention.

Key Takeaway: To create custom car stickers that stand out from the crowd, it's important to invest in high-quality sticker paper with a weight, finish and adhesive strength suitable for its intended purpose. Ensure your price stickers and decals look great over time by selecting materials that are up to the task.

Selection of Colors

Selecting the right colors for custom car stickers is essential, with a range of options from bright and bold to soft pastels available. A broad range of tones can be selected, from dazzling and intense tints to delicate pastels. Choosing from a variety of metallic finishes or solid shades, you can make your car sticker stand out in any setting. The options are endless when it comes to selecting a color for your sticker.

For something more unique, there are specialty inks, such as glimmering or luminescent varieties, that can create an attention-grabbing effect. Metallic ink is great for adding depth and texture to designs, while fluorescent pigments provide a bold pop of color that stands out even during the day. For something subtler, consider using neutral tones like black or white, which will blend into any background without overpowering other elements in the design.

If you’re looking for something truly special, there are also pearlescent, and iridescent sticker finishes stickers, which create an almost holographic effect with their shimmering finish. These types of colors can add extra dimensionality to your car sticker without being too flashy or overbearing – perfect if you’re going for a more subtle look.

No matter what type of finish or hue you choose for your car sticker design, make sure it complements both the artwork and its intended application surface so that all components work together harmoniously when applied to the vehicle itself. With careful consideration given towards color selection as well as quality materials used in the production process and sticker shop, Printed Memories stickers always guarantee top-notch results every time.

Opting for hues that will make your custom-crafted stickers stand out is a key factor in their success. With that said, it is also important to consider using fade-resistant materials when creating them.

Key Takeaway: Customizing your car with unique hand-drawn stickers is a great way to make it stand out from the rest and achieve top-quality results. With an array of colors, specialty inks, and finishes available, you can choose something subtle or bold depending on your design - ensuring top-quality results with Printed Memories every time.

Fade-Resistant Materials

Fade-resistant materials are a must when it comes to car stickers and decals. Printed Memories understands this and takes extra care in selecting the best quality material for their custom designs. The fade-resistant vinyl used is waterproof, UV protected, and designed to last up to 7 years outdoors without fading or peeling. The longevity of your custom design is guaranteed, with the vinyl used being waterproof and UV-protected, making it resilient against sun exposure, windy conditions, precipitation, or any kind of extreme temperature.

The top-notch vinyl enables simple installation with little effort, as it can be directly affixed to surfaces such as glass, plastic, or metal without any special implements needed. It’s also easily removable from those same surfaces if you ever decide to change up your design or move it elsewhere on the vehicle.

When looking for a long-lasting car sticker solution that won’t wear down over time due to weather conditions, then look no further than Printed Memories' fade-resistant materials. Their selection of colors combined with the durability of these materials makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a sticker that will last through thick and thin - literally.

Fade-resistant materials are essential for ensuring your custom hand-drawn stickers last, no matter the weather. Designs and artwork can give your vehicle a unique appearance that will certainly capture attention.

Designs & Artwork

When it comes to customizing car stickers and decals, designs, and artwork are major factors. From simple shapes to intricate illustrations, there’s an endless array of options for creating unique visuals for your vehicle.

Goes with any old car

Vinyl cut-outs, which can be employed in various sizes and colors for multiple purposes, are a favored choice. These are ideal for logos or text that need precise detailing, as the cut-out design allows you to create intricate designs with sharp edges. Additionally, these types of car stickers tend to last longer due to their durable material construction.

Graphics can also be printed onto sticker paper or applied directly onto the surface of your vehicle. This type of customization gives you more freedom when it comes to design, as you can incorporate photographs or complex graphics into your sticker setup without worrying about precision cuts or detail loss due to size constraints. Whether it's cartoon characters, landscape images, or abstract art – anything goes. Just make sure the image quality is high enough so that details don’t get lost during the printing process; otherwise, the end result won’t look as good as expected.

Self-adhesive lettering kits can be used to apply for individual letters and numbers directly onto surfaces such as windows or doors, allowing for a personalized touch. These come in a variety of fonts and sizes, making them ideal for adding names or slogans on vehicles without having to resort to professional installers each time you want something new added. This is an easy way to give your car that extra bit of flair. Keywords: Self Adhesive Lettering Kits, Fonts & Sizes, Professional Installers

If all other solutions prove unfeasible, creating custom stencils and painting them directly onto any surface may be the best course of action. This method requires some skill and patience but once mastered can help save money on expensive graphic designers and printers while still achieving amazing results.

Crafting your own stickers with distinctive and unparalleled designs for your automobile is an ideal method to stand out from the pack. With a detailed installation process, you can make sure that your custom stickers look their best when applied to any surface.

Key Takeaway: For car enthusiasts looking to stand out from the crowd, customizing with hand-drawn stickers is a great option. Vinyl cut-outs are ideal for logos and text, while printed sticker paper can incorporate any design imaginable. For added personalization, self-adhesive lettering kits or DIY stencils will help your vehicle truly pop.

Installation Process


Clean, Dry, Smooth Surface

Before starting the installation, make sure that the surface is free of wax, dirt and any rust spots or bumps. You should ensure that any wax or dirt residue is removed from the area where you will be applying the sticker. Additionally, check for any rust spots or bumps in order to ensure that your sticker adheres properly. If there are any imperfections on the vehicle’s surface, use sandpaper to smooth them out before moving forward with installation.


Peel Backing Paper, Firm Pressure

Once your vehicle has been prepped and cleaned off appropriately, it’s time to begin installing your new car sticker. Start by peeling back the backing paper from one side of the decal and carefully apply it to your desired location on the vehicle using firm pressure. Make sure not to rush this step, as air bubbles can form if applied too quickly or without enough pressure. When done correctly, you should see no wrinkles in between each layer of material as they adhere together forming one complete piece of artwork.


Squeegee Tool

The final step in completing this installation process is smoothing out all edges and making sure there are no creases left behind after application. To do so, we recommend using a squeegee tool which will help press down all areas firmly into place while also removing any excess air pockets or bubbles formed during application. Once completed, take a few steps back and admire your work - enjoy those new wheels.

Key Takeaway: Clean the vehicle's surface and make sure to sand any imperfections before applying your custom car sticker. Firmly press down the decal while avoiding air bubbles, then use a squeegee tool to finish up for a perfect job - you'll be rolling in style.

FAQs in Relation to Stand Out From the Crowd With Custom Hand-Drawn Stickers for Your Car

How do you make your stickers stand out?

Our stickers stand out due to their superior quality and design. High-grade materials are employed to create our stickers, guaranteeing their durability and longevity. Our designs are unique, vibrant, and eye-catching – perfect for any collector's shelf or gift. Additionally, we offer a range of helpful guides to help people get started with sticker collecting and reviews from experienced collectors so they can make informed decisions when purchasing new or selling stickers online. Our stickers, with their exceptional quality and attention to detail, will surely make an impression.

How do I promote my sticker business?

Promoting a sticker business requires an effective strategy leveraging both online and offline marketing techniques. Produce interesting material such as blog articles, videos, infographics, and social media posts to raise brand recognition. Reach out to key figures in the industry who can assist in amplifying information about your stickers. Additionally, use targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach potential customers. Finally, create events or participate in trade shows where you can showcase your stickers directly to customers. By utilizing customer service tactics in conjunction with the aforementioned strategies, you can set yourself up for success.

Why do people put stickers on their vehicles?

People may choose to adorn their vehicles with stickers for a range of purposes, from expressing themselves artistically or displaying allegiance to certain groups to simply customizing the look and making it stand out. Some people like to express themselves by using creative artwork or designs, while others use them as a way to show off affiliation with certain organizations or teams. Customizing the look of one's vehicle with stickers can make it stand out from other cars in traffic. Additionally, some may choose to apply stickers simply because they think they look cool and attractive. Whatever the reason may be, stickers are often seen as fun ways to personalize one’s car and give it unique character.

Why not TO put stickers on your car?

Expressing oneself through car stickers can be an option, yet one should consider the possible repercussions before doing so. Car stickers may damage the paint job and reduce its value over time. Additionally, certain types of stickers, such as political messages or offensive language, could lead to unwanted attention from law enforcement or other drivers. Finally, car owners should remember that they are responsible for any damages caused by their sticker application and removal process, which could incur additional costs if done incorrectly.


Custom hand-drawn stickers for your car are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. From Japanese domestic market (JDM) designs, family car decals printing stickers, and more - you can create a unique look that expresses who you are and what makes your vehicle special. With Printed Memories' customization options including a selection of colors, fade-resistant materials, quality sticker paper, and artwork installation process – you'll surely have an eye-catching design on your ride.

Make your car stand out from the crowd with custom hand-drawn stickers! Get quality sticker content, more sticker ideas, how-to guides, and reviews from experienced sticker collectors.