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Custom Star Map
Custom Star Map
Custom Star Map
Custom Star Map
Custom Star Map
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Custom Star Map

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  • ✓ Find that special date and watch the stars align
  • ✓ Detailed and accurate star map design
  • ✓ Fully customizable star chart
  • ✓ Choose from a range of styles, designs, and fonts
  • ✓ Interactive constellation map with instant preview
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Fully customizable
Fully Custom

How Star Map Posters Work

A simple interface for you to create your very own star map.
Works on both desktop and mobile.

Choose Your Design

Create custom stunning star artwork with our range of styles, colors, and sizes.

Find Your Special Place

Simply type in that special date you want to remember forever and watch as the stars align!

Personalize Your Map

Craft a special message; add a few extra flourishes to make the map of your dreams.

What Our Sky Poster Customers Think

You Found The Perfect Gift

Personalized prints make a lasting, meaningful gift.

✔ Printed on elegant, matte art paper of 200 gsm or beautiful 340 g/m² canvas fabric
✔ Choose from over 100+ themes and styles to fit any occasion
✔ Pick between a small size print or a statement decor 
✔ The perfect wedding gift, engagement gift, anniversary gift or birthday gift


Starry Night Prints Created with Conscience

Produced Locally

To minimise transportation we produce your sky map in a printer closest to you. We now print from 7 locations throughout the world.

One Print = One Tree

For every sky print map poster sold by Printed Memories, we plant a tree.

Carbon Offset

Our 1 Print = 1 Tree initiative means that the minimum transport that we do incur is offset by Planting trees.

Star Map Gifts FAQs

Think back to the most important memory in your life. It could be anything, from that unforgettable night your partner proposed to you or the day of your 21st birthday. What if you could see exactly what the stars looked like on that magical night? With a personalized star map, you don't have to imagine.

What is a Personalized Star Map?

Personalized star maps are the perfect way to immortalize any memorable occasion. Each star map features a beautiful print of the night sky that not only looks pretty but is accurate too. A custom star map is designed to show the exact location of constellations on a specific date - usually a special occasion. 

So if you're looking for a print of the very moment you met your significant other, a star map will show exactly how the stars looked that night. 

A personalized star map makes an amazing gift for any loved one or partner. Show them how much you care about them by gifting them a beautiful print of the night sky.

Printed Memories Custom Star Maps

We create beautiful star maps showing special constellations in the night sky. Our custom star map prints are designed specifically to celebrate important moments in your life. They are custom-made for each individual based on the memory you want to capture. We can help you create an absolutely beautiful star map print, no matter which special night you're choosing to immortalize forever. 

We print our maps with only the highest quality in mind, on thick, premium matte art paper encased in a beautifully crafted frame. We also offer you a range of options to choose from. Change the color or style and create a custom star map explicitly tailored to you or your loved one.

Our star maps make the perfect gift. If there's a special moment you share with another, you can choose to save that memory forever. This personalized gift will light up the life of any individual you gift it to.

How to Create a Custom Star Map

Designing your custom star map is easy; all you need is a date in mind. We'll help you create a memorable gift that's sure to make your loved one's heart melt.

Search for Your Date

Search for the date and location you'd like to remember forever. It doesn't matter about the time frame; whether it was yesterday or six years ago, we'll find the exact location of the stars on that special night. 

Select Your Design

Choose between different styles. Select your frame and watch your art print come to life in front of your eyes. We offer a range of sizes, so whether you want your map to be small and understated or as big as a poster, you can pick the star map size that's right for you.

Add the Finishing Flourishes

It's time for details! Add flair to your star map; change the color and add text. Play around with all those finishing touches that make the map yours. No matter when or where your special day is, create a beautiful star map that will ensure you remember it forever.

And why stop at one? Create beautiful star maps that illustrate every memorable moment you can think of. Create a perfect gift for every special person in your life, and let them know you care.

Our Maps Make Beautiful Home Gifts

Gift your loved ones something special to make them smile. Add their name and your name to make the gift personal and add some variety to your home. Our beautiful maps are crafted to suit any individual, no matter their decor. So why not give your partner a memorable gift for your wedding anniversary? Create a star map of the time the two of you shared your first kiss or went on that magical first date.

Our quality star maps don't just make beautiful gifts for couples. They're perfect for friends and family too. Immortalize any memorable moment you can think of. Why not see how the stars were aligned when your first child came into the world? Or how about when you graduated from school or passed that fateful exam? How did the night sky look when you met your best friend? No matter how big or small your special moment, our printed star maps are here to help you capture every wonderful experience. Give people a reason to smile.

A star map is a perfect gift to show someone you're thinking about them and how important they are to you. Imagine how special your loved one will feel when you gift them this stunning star map print. 

A star map makes a unique Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary gift, engagement gift, Mother's Day, baby shower gift, Christmas present. It's also a great idea for a special birthday gift. But why save it for a special occasion? Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful gift any time of the year; let them know you're thinking of them and that special moment you shared together.

We ship all over the world, so no matter who you want to gift your star map to, we'll make sure it gets to them.

Light Up Somone's Life With Their Own Custom Star Map

Create a custom map and give your loved one the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. Celebrate your friends, partner, wedding day, birthday, anniversary, and more.