Create a Unique Look for Your Laptop: How to Use Custom Stickers

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Do you want to create an interesting look for your laptop with custom stickers? Printed Memories make it easy and affordable. No matter what adhesive, shape or design you choose, Printed Memories has the perfect custom laptop sticker to make your laptop stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for permanent adhesive or removable stickers – there is something here for everyone. Discover how to get the most out of your pack to create a truly unique look with custom stickers.

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Understand the Benefits of Custom Laptop Stickers

Custom laptop stickers are an excellent way to make your laptop stand out from the crowd. Laptop stickers are available in various sizes, styles and hues so you can show your unique personality through the design or message. Custom laptop stickers not only look good, but they also provide practical advantages. Here are some key advantages of custom laptop stickers:


Custom stickers are made from high-quality durable vinyl and material that is resistant to fading and cracking over time. This makes them ideal for long-term use on laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices. Plus, if you want to switch up your style every now and then, the removable adhesive allows for easy removal without leaving behind any residue or damage to the device’s surface.


With laptop stickers, there's no limit when it comes to expressing yourself creatively. You can create a unique design that reflects your personal style or show off something special about yourself like your favorite hobby or sports team logo. Whether you're looking for something fun and quirky or sleek and sophisticated - the possibilities are endless.


Laptop stickers provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and scuffs on your device’s exterior surface while still allowing access to all ports and buttons without obstruction. This means that even if you accidentally drop it (which we don't recommend.), it will be less likely to suffer any major damage due to its protective coating.

Cost Effective:

Last but not least – custom laptop cover sticker prices vary depending on size/quantity but typically start at just a few dollars each which makes them very cost effective compared with purchasing a new case every time you want something different. Plus – since they’re so affordable – why not buy several designs? That way you can mix things up whenever the mood strikes.

Creating a one-of-a-kind laptop look can be achieved by selecting custom stickers that reflect your individual style. By choosing the right sticker background, you can create an even more unique look for your device.

Key Takeaway: Custom laptop decals can provide an additional layer of safeguard and expression to your machine. Not only do they look stylish, but also offer an affordable and durable way to express yourself. So why not get creative and show off what makes you unique?

Choose the Right Sticker Background

When it comes to custom laptop stickers, the background you choose is key. Whether you’re looking for a simple and sleek design or something bold and eye-catching, the right background can make all the difference in your final product. Here are some tips on how to pick out the perfect sticker background:


The material of your sticker background will determine its durability and longevity. When it comes to background materials, you have various choices such as vinyl, paper, fabric or plastic – each with their own particular qualities that influence cost and execution. Vinyl is great for outdoor use because it’s waterproof and resistant to fading from UV rays; paper works well indoors but may fade over time; fabric offers a soft feel with good flexibility; while plastic provides an affordable option with excellent color clarity.


Color plays an important role in making sure your laptop stickers stand out from the crowd. Choose colors that complement one another without being too overwhelming - like pastels for a more subtle look or neons if you want something bright and vibrant. For example, pairing blues and greens together can create a calming effect whereas reds and yellows evoke energy. Make sure to also consider any brand colors associated with your logo so they coordinate accordingly.


Adding texture to your sticker backgrounds adds depth which helps bring designs alive. Textured materials like leather offer an organic feel while metallic surfaces provide a modern touch – both creating unique visual interest that will draw attention no matter where they are placed on laptops or other devices. If you’re going for something classic yet still interesting then try using faux woodgrain patterns which have been gaining popularity lately due to their timeless appeal.

Don't be blah!

To ensure high-quality printing results, always go for full bleed prints (no white borders) as this ensures crisp edges around every element of your design including logos and text elements - plus it looks much better overall than traditional cutouts. Additionally, be sure to check resolution requirements before submitting artwork so images appear sharp and clear once printed onto stickers; low resolution files can result in pixelated graphics which will not look professional at all.

When selecting a sticker background, ponder its visual effect on your laptop and if you wish for it to be understated or eye-catching. With this in mind, next we can discuss considering sticker size and shape for an optimal appearance of transparent background.

Key Takeaway: Choose the perfect sticker background for your laptop with careful consideration of materials, colors and textures. Make sure to use full bleed prints in high resolution files for optimal printing results that will look professional and eye-catching. Express your individuality by crafting your own stickers for a visually striking look that will make heads turn.

Consider Sticker Size and Shape

When it comes to finding the perfect laptop sticker, size and shape matter. When looking for a laptop sticker, the size and form should be taken into account to ensure it is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. When selecting a sticker, take into account size and shape for aesthetics and durability.


Laptop stickers come in various sizes ranging from small 2-inch circles to large 6-inch squares. Depending on where you want to place your sticker, choose an appropriate size that won’t overwhelm or be too small for your laptop. If you’re unsure, start with something smaller and work up until you find the right fit.


Stickers come in all sorts of shapes such as circles, ovals, rectangles, hearts, stars – even custom shapes like logos. Choose a shape that complements your laptop design or pick something fun like a starburst pattern if you want the apple logo to stand out.

Adhesive Strength:

Permanent adhesive is great if you plan on keeping your sticker on forever but may damage surfaces upon removal. Removable stickers are ideal for those who prefer change; they provide just enough stickiness without leaving residue when removed later.

Quality Material:

Quality matters when it comes to buying stickers. Look for durable materials such as vinyl or PVC which will last longer than paper material and look better over time - plus they're waterproof so no need to worry about getting caught in rainstorms.

By taking into account these factors before making a purchase decision or custom order, you can ensure that any custom laptop sticker looks good and lasts long term - giving it plenty of mileage over its lifetime. With this knowledge in hand, now go forth and customize away - happy sticking.

Weighing up the dimensions and form of your decals is essential to consider how they will appear on your laptop. Moving forward, you should decide between permanent adhesive decal or removable stickers for a custom look that best suits your needs.

Key Takeaway: Choose the right size and shape for your laptop sticker, ensure it has a strong adhesive and is made of quality materials to get maximum mileage out of it. Go ahead and 'stick' with confidence.

Decide Between Permanent Adhesive or Removable Stickers

When it comes to selecting laptop decals for your collection, a major consideration is whether you want them affixed permanently or easily removable. Permanent adhesive stickers are great if you want a long-term commitment and don't mind having them on your device forever. On the other hand, removable stickers are perfect if you like changing up your look often and don’t want any lasting damage when taking them off.

Permanent Adhesive Stickers:

Permanent adhesive stickers are exactly what they sound like - they stick around forever. These types of stickers have a strong glue that won’t let go until removed with a solvent such as rubbing alcohol or acetone. They’re also waterproof and weatherproof, so no matter how hot or cold it gets outside, these babies aren’t going anywhere. However, because of their strength, these types of laptop sticker can be difficult (and potentially damaging) to remove from devices.

Removable Stickers:

Removable laptop stickers offer an easier solution for those who love switching up their style frequently but still want some fun designs on their device. These come with a special low-tack adhesive that sticks just enough to stay in place but not too much where it will leave residue behind when taken off. This makes them perfect for temporary decoration without worrying about ruining your device's surface while removing them later down the line. Plus they're easy enough to take off by simply peeling away at the edges – no solvents needed here.

Ultimately, deciding between permanent adhesive computer back or removable laptop sticker depends entirely on personal preference and lifestyle choices; however, understanding each type's pros and cons can help inform this decision-making process so you can find which option works best for you.

Choosing the right type of adhesive is key to creating a unique look for your laptop with custom stickers. Now that you have decided between permanent and removable, it's time to select your design.

Key Takeaway: For those looking to switch up their laptop style, there are two types of stickers available: permanent adhesive and removable. Permanent adhesive will stick around forever but may be difficult to remove, while removable have a low-tack glue that can easily peel away without leaving a sticky residue. Before committing to a sticker type, it is wise to weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Select Your Design

When it comes to customizing your laptop with Printed Memories stickers, the possibilities are endless. A plethora of designs, images, characters, logos and more can be chosen from to craft a distinctive style that is sure to make an impression. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, there is an option for everyone.

If you’re feeling creative and want to make your design from scratch, then why not take advantage of the ‘Create Your Own’ feature? Take the opportunity to craft your unique stickers with the 'Create Your Own' feature, enabling you to upload pictures and quickly make individualized labels – even including text or distinctive effects for a more personal touch such as details such as names or dates. You can even add text or special effects if desired – making it perfect for adding personal touches like names or dates.

However, there are plenty of options for those who prefer pre-made designs. From cute cartoon characters to vintage prints – whatever style of sticker material suits your taste best will be easy enough to find thanks to the extensive library of sticker designs available on the Printed Memories website.

Having picked the design(s) of your preference, it is time to maximize your purchase by looking into all possible applications. For example, use them as laptop decals; place them on notebooks or folders. Stick them onto phone cases - basically anywhere that could do with some extra color and personality.

Be bold with different sizes, designs and logos

Once you've opted for the pattern that works best with your laptop, it's time to maximize the potential of your sticker set. With careful planning and a few creative ideas, you can create an eye-catching look for your device that is sure to turn heads.

Get the Most Out of Your Pack

You can expect a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to Printed Memories Laptop stickers. Each pack contains four sheets of high-quality clear vinyl back stickers in various sizes and shapes. The sticker packs come with various designs, including abstract patterns, animals, and motivational quotes. Plus, the stickers are printed on waterproof material to last longer than regular paper stickers.

With special deals per pack transfer stickers, you get plenty of value from each purchase, which doesn’t even include the cost savings associated with buying in bulk. For a budget-friendly way to build up your Printed Memories Laptop Sticker collection, buying multiple packs is the ideal solution; not only will you save money at checkout, but also enjoy new designs being added over time.

But don’t forget about other ways to maximize your experience with Printed Memories Laptop Stickers. Consider exploring different applications such as decorating laptops or notebooks or adding a unique touch to gifts like cards or mugs by sticking them onto those items instead. You could even use these fun little pieces of art as conversation starters when talking with friends or family members who may be unfamiliar with collecting stickers.

If you want to make a statement, why not try customizing your Printed Memories Laptop Stickers with markers or paints? Try customizing some of your own creations using markers or paints before applying them directly onto surfaces like walls and furniture. With all these options available at your fingertips (or should we say fingertips), there's no limit to how far you can go when creating something special out of Printed Memories Laptop Stickers.

Heed the advice in this piece to guarantee that you reap all of the benefits from your sticker set. Now that you know how to maximize what's available, it's time to create a unique look for your laptop with custom stickers.

Key Takeaway: Printed Memories Laptop Stickers offer great value for money with four sheets of high-quality vinyl stickers in each pack. Get creative and use them to decorate laptops, notebooks, cards, or mugs, or even create your own unique designs by customizing them before application. There's no end to what you can do when it comes to Printed Memories Laptop Stickers.

Create Your Look

When it comes to creating a unique look for your laptop, Printed Memories custom stickers are the way to go. No matter the size or shape of your laptop, Printed Memories offers custom stickers to give it a one-of-a-kind look. Whether you’re looking for permanent adhesive or removable options, Printed Memories has got you covered.

Capture that Apple magic

Choose from various backgrounds that best match your laptop's design aesthetic and color scheme. For instance, if you have a sleek black MacBook Pro, opt for some metallic silver vinyl stickers with white detailing, Apple Logo, or some colorful pastel tones to give it a softer look. You could also try out textured matte finishes such as holographic foils or glitter accents - perfect for adding extra sparkle.

The size and shape of the sticker are important, too; this will determine how much coverage it provides on your laptop’s surface area and how well it fits in with its overall design theme. Smaller-sized decals are great for subtle branding, while larger ones can make bold statements about who you are. Don't forget to consider the orientation die cut stickers too, whether horizontal or vertical - this should be determined by what looks best on your device's lid.

Decide between permanent adhesive stickers, which offer more longevity but may leave a residue when removed, versus removable options, which allow easy application without damaging surfaces but don't last as long over time. Speak to one of our specialists for advice on which option would suit you best, whether it's a permanent adhesive sticker that offers long-term use but may leave residue or a removable type with simple application and no surface damage yet shorter life.

Once all these factors have been taken into account, pick the design that resonates most with you - this could range from abstract art pieces to typography designs featuring your favorite quotes/lyrics/words or even more traditional illustrations like animals/plants/landscapes. Take a while to explore our selection before settling on the perfect design. Make sure to include keywords such as 'custom laptop stickers,' 'printed memories,' and 'adhesive' to optimize your content for search engine visibility.

Finally, get the most out of each pack by experimenting with different combinations until finding one that works perfectly together - mix up colors, textures, and patterns until you are satisfied with the results. You could even create multiple looks depending on the occasion for maximum versatility while still maintaining individual style and identity throughout each journey taken along life's path...

Key Takeaway: Printed Memories custom stickers are the perfect way to give your laptop a unique look with an array of sizes and shapes available, from permanent adhesive decals to removable options. Create multiple looks by experimenting with different combinations of colors, textures, and patterns for maximum versatility.

FAQs in Relation to Creating a Unique Look for Your Laptop With Custom Stickers

How do I customize my laptop with stickers?

Personalizing your laptop with decals is a great way to demonstrate your individuality and flaunt your exclusive flair. Gather the necessary supplies for customizing your own laptop decal with stickers, such as scissors or an X-Acto knife, tweezers, and cleaning items. Next, choose the area of your laptop where you want to place the sticker(s). Clean it thoroughly before applying any adhesive. Then carefully peel away the backing paper from each sticker and use tweezers if needed for placement accuracy. Finally, press down firmly on each corner of the sticker to ensure proper adhesion. With these steps in mind, customizing your laptop with stickers should be easy.

How do I make unique stickers?

Creating unique stickers requires creativity, technical skill, and attention to detail. Start by brainstorming ideas for your sticker design that are visually appealing and have a clear message or theme. Construct the artwork digitally with software like Photoshop or Illustrator to get your sticker idea ready for printing. Then use a professional printing service to print your sticker with quality materials like vinyl or paper stock inks. Finally, add finishing touches like a die-cut re-cutting, embossing, and varnish coating to make it stand out from other stickers on the market.

Should I decorate my laptop with stickers?

Decorating your laptop with stickers is a personal decision. Before adorning your laptop with stickers, it is wise to assess the sticker's impact on the durability and performance of the device and how comfortable you are having that image visible in public. Ultimately, if done carefully and thoughtfully, decorating your laptop with stickers can add some fun flair to an otherwise mundane device.

Why do people put stickers all over their laptops?

People put stickers all over their laptops for a variety of reasons. For some, it is an expression of personality and style, as the laptop becomes a reflection of who they are and what they stand for. Stickers may be used to display one's backing of specific causes or hobbies that are not typically visible in other areas of their life. Additionally, stickers provide visual stimulation and often act as conversation starters when people see them on someone else's laptop. Finally, putting stickers on your own laptop sometimes is simply fun.


Creating a unique look for your laptop with custom stickers is an easy and fun way to make it stand out. With Printed Memories, you can choose from thousands of designs, backgrounds, sizes, and shapes to create the perfect sticker pack that will be sure to turn heads. Whether you're looking for permanent adhesive or removable stickers – there's something for everyone. Get creative and have some fun designing your own one-of-a-kind laptop look today.

Transform your laptop into a unique expression of yourself with Printed Memories Custom Stickers. Our comprehensive guides, reviews and information will help you find the perfect stickers to create a one-of-a-kind look for your device.