6 Reasons Why A Photo Book Makes A Perfect Thanksgiving Gift

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1.  It's Super Personalized

A Printed Memories Photo Book

Get Your Personalized Photo Book

You can personalize your photo book exactly to your tastes. Play around with captions and photos, and include ones you know will make the owner laugh - or cry! (Tears of joy, that is.) Either way, it's bound to put a smile on the receiver's face, whether you use their best photos, or ones you know will make them laugh.

2. A Dedicated Book is the Perfect Way to Say How Grateful you are for that Person

Printed Memories Photo Book

Show You Care

When it comes to this type of personalized gift, you’re the one in control. You can fill the photo book with as few or as many photos as you’d like, and really focus on the memories that mean the most. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and they’re not wrong. It’s easy to show how grateful you are with a memory book.

3. It Beats a Bottle of Wine

Printed Memories Photo Book

Get the Perfect Present

And a million other gifts! Why turn up with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates when you can bring a perfectly personalized present along instead? We guarantee your photo book will be the talk of the party.

Although... we suggest you bring a bottle of wine, too. For, y’know, bonus points.

4. You Can Make a Photo Book For Any Reason

Printed Memories Photo Book

Make a Family Photo Book

Whether you want to say thanks to your parents, celebrate friendship, or even cherish your pets, you can create a photo book for them, too. Celebrate whatever makes you thankful.

Be careful, though - once you start making photo books it's hard to stop. And you might end up wondering where to put them!

5. They’ll Have a Book Full of Memories They Can Look Back on Forever

Printed Memories Photo Book

Build an Anniversary Book

This type of personalized gift lasts a lifetime. Your loved ones will never forget a single moment with a memory book. And come next Thanksgiving, you can get the album out and relive all your favorite memories all over again.

6. You Can Choose an Eco-Friendly Printer Who Just Happens to Print 1 Book for Every Tree Planted...

Printed Memories Photo Book

Print Guilt-Free

There’s never a better time to give back than Thanksgiving. Choosing an eco-friendly printer won’t just ease your conscience - it’s a tangible way to make a difference and give back to the environment.

Here at Printed Memories, we plant one tree for every single photo book we print. Since we don’t even use one whole tree per photo book, we give back far more than we take away. Gift the perfect Thanksgiving present this holiday season, and do it guilt-free.

Build a Printed Memories photo book now.