Simple Guide How To Get The Perfect Photo, Every Time, With Any Camera (Great for Husbands!)

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Why is it that other people’s photos look flawless every single time? Getting the right photo can feel like an impossible task. And while you’re battling with bad lighting, hair in your face, awkward arms, and stiff smiles, other people are out there looking like they’ve been modeling their whole lives. You can’t scroll down your Facebook feed without getting an eyeful of Susie’s perfect pics from Sunday’s BBQ. 

And when you try, you always seem to end up handing your phone over for photo nightmares - we’re looking at you, husbands!

So what makes other people’s photos flawless? Is it magic?

Nope - it’s just some super simple tips and tricks that anyone can use. And luckily for you, we’ve put them all nice and neatly in one place. You don’t need any experience or photography gadgets - just your phone camera.

This is a Husband-Approved Guide, too. So whenever you need him to take that perfect snap, this guide will ensure he knows exactly how you should be standing to give your photos that professional edge.

Tip One - Elongate the Body

We’re all guilty of bad posture sometimes - how many hours have we spent hunching over our laptops and phones? - but stretching out the body is essential for creating that perfect snap. What we have to say might sound crazy, but just bear with us - there’s a method to this madness.

  • Imagine there’s an invisible string coming out the top of your head
  • Yep, we told you it would sound crazy. But, it’s not! This is actually something professional photographers encourage their models to do every single time they shoot. So husbands, if you’re reading this, be on the lookout for that invisible string.

  • Imagine the string is pulling you up
  • Imagine it’s pulling you right up to the sky. This will stretch all those limbs out, making your entire body look - and feel - taller.

    This is exactly what we want.

  • Remember to drop the shoulders!
  • Dropping the shoulders will make this pose look so much more natural. You won’t be left with any odd hunches or strange shapes.

    Tip One - Elongate the Body
    Tip Two - The Closer Something Is To The Camera, The Bigger It Is

    Tip Two - The Closer Something Is To The Camera, The Bigger It Is

    That means, if you’ve been overindulging during lockdown, you probably won’t want to put your hips forward. (Don’t worry - we’ve all been doing it.) But the great thing about this is you can use this tip to your advantage - and we’ll teach you exactly how! It all comes down to the legs.

  • Put one foot in front of the other
  • Make sure to angle your foot slightly. You don’t want to look like you’re balancing on a tightrope! And you especially don’t want to fall over. That’s a one-way ticket to a photo nightmare. 

  • Put your weight on your back leg
  • This will help you keep your balance and automatically elongate the legs (and who doesn’t want longer legs?) Elongated limbs are great for posing in photos. 

    But we’ll get into that more later...

  • Put one hand on your hip
  • This will naturally create an ‘s’ curve, something photographers utilize when they do professional shoots. It gives their models that feminine edge, and it’ll do exactly the same for you.

    Bonus Step

    If you’re looking for a more curvy, Beyonce-type shot, turn your butt towards the camera ever-so-slightly. Remember when we said that the closer the body part is to the camera, the bigger it is?

    Tip Three - Use Those Hands!

    The last thing you want to do is stand limply in your photos, arms dangling by your sides. But it’s not always that easy. Suddenly someone is shoving a camera in our face, and we don’t have time to think about our hand placement. We’re just flashing a smile and then it’s over - only to be plastered all over Facebook later that night for everyone to see. Yikes. 

    Just follow these handy (see what we did there?) tips and you’ll nail it every single time.

  • Handy tips for women
  • As mentioned above, putting your hands on those hips is always a great go-to. Trust us, your photos will look so much better for it. You can also put your hands in your pockets, lightly touch your face, or play with your hair. These subtle tips will help you bring some life to your photos.

  • Handy tips for men
  • Hey husbands! Let’s imagine you’re in front of the camera for once. If you’re a man, you probably don’t want to use the old hands-on-hips method. But not to worry - there are a million other things you can do. Try putting your hands on your pockets, or folding your arms. You can even check your watch or lightly adjust your jacket.

    Tip 3 - Use those hands
    Tip Four - Grab a Prop

    Tip Four - Grab a Prop


    Right. Dig out your sparkly top hat and-

    Don’t worry! We’re just joking. 

    We’re not talking about anything crazy. But this is another great tip that’ll give your hands something to do, and help you focus on something other than the dreaded camera that’s pointing your way. 

  • Use whatever you can find lying around
  • We’re talking about your phone, your purse, a photo book - or even a coffee cup! You can play around with how you hold them, finding the best angles for you. Using these items will immediately make your photos feel more natural and less staged.

  • Get your pets involved
  • Who doesn’t love a good pet picture? If you’re still at a loss with what to do, or you’re looking for something more natural, pose with your pooch, pick up your cat, or roll out the hamster ball. Not only will you end up with some great, candid shots, but you’ll also be creating memories with your furry friends.

    Tip Five - Elongate the Neck

    Why is it that even with the pose down, sometimes we always seem to end up with scrunched-up necks and that dreaded (dare we say it) double chin on show? Luckily, there’s a simple way to fix it. 

    All it takes are a few directions.

    1. Put your chin forward and tilt it down

    Be aware, this pose will probably feel very uncomfortable and unnatural, but it just means you’re doing it right. No matter how awkward you feel at the time, you’ll end up with a good-looking photo.

    2. Put the tongue on the roof of your mouth  

    Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But this is also another quick tip to help elongate your neck.

    Tip Fiver Elongate the Neck
    Tip 6 Get Moving

    Tip Six - Get Moving

    Standing still can feel super awkward, whether you’re striking that perfect pose or not. Sometimes it’s just hard to get the rigidity out of our muscles and create something natural. That’s why one of the top tips from professional photographers is to move - especially if you’re looking for a more candid shot. 

  • Walk Forward
  • Take a few steps forward. This is also known as the “Fake Model Walk”. When the photo is taken mid-walk, it’ll help create something more natural. 

  • Stand to the side and swivel towards the camera
  • Make sure your arms are loose. Let them float naturally beside you with each turn. If you’re wearing a dress, this will look even better. You’ll be able to capture the flowing movement of the dress with this action. Get those Goddess vibes.

    Tip Seven - Create Shapes

    Always aim to create shapes in your poses. And no, we’re not talking about octagons or hexagons, and you don’t have to dig out the Twister mat. 

    Let’s get technical. Finding shapes will help you create negative space, which will then detract from the width of whoever’s in the photo. Still with us? Let us show you how…

    Look for triangle shapes

    Women should always be on the lookout to create triangle shapes because they’re seen as the most feminine. Putting your hand on your hip and turning slightly towards the camera will help create that perfect triangle shape.

    Tip Eight - Smile

    Tip Eight - Find that Perfect Smile

    We know, we know. Sometimes we hate smiling too. But revealing those pearly whites will just make everything feel so much more natural, and create the perfect, radiant photo you’ve been looking for.

    Give a fake laugh

    If your smile feels too stiff or unnatural, this is a great way to draw out something more candid. It should be easier than you think - after all, we’ve all suffered through a bad joke with a fake smile. 

    Attention, husbands! If you’re behind the camera, make ‘em laugh This will reveal the teeth and create a beautiful shot.

    Tip Nine - Extenuate Limbs and Curves

    Okay, so we may have mentioned this briefly earlier, but there’s a reason for that. It’s probably the most important tip on this list, and you won’t want to forget about it. Trust us. 

    Find that ‘S’ shape. It’ll make every single photo you take look so much more feminine and professional.

  • Put one leg in front of the other
  • Don’t forget what we said earlier! Tilt the foot slightly to avoid that tightrope look. 

    What we might have forgotten to mention is that not only will this start to create that stunning ‘s’ shape, but it’ll also elongate your leg. Elongating your limbs will help achieve a more feminine and professional-looking picture.

  • Bend the elbow slightly
  • Rest your hand on your leg and bend the below slightly - this is the second part of the ‘s’ shape. 

  • Roll the opposite shoulder back
  • If you’re bending your right elbow, roll back your left, and vice versa. This is the final step to achieving that perfect ‘s’ shape.

    Tip Nine Extenuate Limbs and Curves
    Tip Ten Use the Chin-to-Shoulder Method

    Tip Ten - Use the Chin-to-Shoulder Method

    This is a great technique if you’re standing to the side of the camera, but need to turn your head towards it. The wide-eyed look this pose creates can run the risk of you looking like… 

    Well, an owl.

    But don’t worry; here’s how you can fix that. 

    1. Fold your arms
    That avoids any of those limp arms we mentioned before. Play around with the placing of your hand; put it on your shoulder, arm, or torso. 

    Hey husbands - us again! If you’re behind the camera, you’ll have a good idea of which hand placements look better. Get her to try out a few different things and judge which one looks the best. No pressure.

    2. Tuck your chin into your shoulder
    Kind of like you’re giving yourself a well-deserved hug. Be careful not to tuck too much, though - you don’t want to look like you’re hiding! (Even those of you who’re camera shy). This will immediately get rid of any startled owl-like looks.

    So, there you have it. Ten tips and tricks to help you take the perfect picture any time, with any camera. Capture the perfect photo worry-free.

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