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Turn London into a beautiful piece of wall art

Experiment with designs and styles to create your dream map

Watch your map come to life with our interactive preview

A thoughtful gift for anyone who loves the city of London

Choose Your Location

Turn this historic UK city into a piece of artwork. Keep the map as it is, or choose a special place in London to immortalize forever in print. Use the search bar to search for a specific address, or zoom in on a special London location you want to save. Watch your London map poster come to life with our interactive preview.

Choose Your Design, Size, and Frame Options

We offer a range of designs, sizes, and frame options for you to create a London map wall art piece that's perfect for your preferences. Change the colors, size, and more to design a print that will suit your living space.

Personalize Your Map

Customize your London map with our personalization options. Add text, craft a special message, add a pin, and more to create the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one.


We print each map on high-quality paper that will stand the test of time

Choose between three different eye-catching sizes

Choose between two beautiful frames


Small - 12 x 16"

Medium - 18 x 24"

Large - 24 x 32"

See our size guide

What Makes Us So Special?

We print locally to you for speedy delivery
We plant 1 tree for every product we sell
Fully customizable prints to suit your preferences
Over 100+ style and design combinations to choose from

Our Customers Love Their Prints


How We're Better Than Other Brands

With a range of customizable features, fast and free shipping, and amazing eco goals, we're a brand you can trust. Shop now to experience the magic of our personalized gifts.

Price starts at just $29
1 print = 1 tree planted
High-quality art prints
Local printing
Fully customizable
Fast production and shipping
Other Major Brands
Pricing starts at $49.99
Low-quality art prints
Slow shipping times
Fewer styles and designs
Slow production times

Our London Maps Make Perfect Gifts

Surprise any London lover with a special keepsake they can treasure forever. Whether they live there, study there, are a regular tourist, or just love the place, gift them a special present they'll never forget. No matter where life takes them, they'll always be able to keep a piece of London close to their heart..


Choose From a Range of Designs and Styles

With our range of styles and designs, you can customize your art piece to reflect you or the person you're gifting it to. Experiment with different backgrounds, sizes, and frame types to suit any home decor. Create a unique London map poster like no other.


High Quality London Map Posters

We print on thick paper with premium inks to ensure our artwork stands the test of time. Your loved one can treasure their special gift forever, no matter where life takes them.


We Plant 1 Tree For Every Single Map We Print

Here at Printed Memories, we have a goal to reach a million trees.

Excellent quality. Quick delivery, well-packaged, and it looks fantastic.

- Yvonne

We're Protecting the Planet for Future Generations

With our promise to plant one tree for every map and the addition of local shipping, we're doing our part to protect the planet. Purchase your map guilt-free, and know that you're making a huge difference.

We print locally to you
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To minimise transportation, we produce your map in a printer closest to you. We now print from 7 locations throughout the world.

One order = one tree
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We plant one tree for every print we sell. Every time you order from us, you are helping us meet our tree planting goals.

Carbon offset
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Printing locally & minimising transportation means that our CO2 emissions are offset with our one print = one tree initiative.

Our FAQs

Are personalized maps accurate?

Yes! We use satellite technology to ensure our maps are completely accurate, no matter the place you want to save. Use our search bar to enter the correct address or zoom in to focus on a particular area. View what your map will look like in real-time with our interactive preview. We'll help you find your special place and create a unique London map.

Just sign in to get started

Where is my map printed?

We custom print all our maps locally to you. This is loads better for the environment and means you don't have to wait so long for shipping!

We have printing facilities in the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Europe. So no matter your country, we'll ship your poster to you.

I have more questions - where can I get help?

Whether you have questions about our prints, shipping, login details, account settings or security, or anything else, our customer support team is always here to help.

Click here to visit the contact page on our site for more information, or drop us an email at

We're always looking to improve and welcome feedback.

What are your shipping times?


Free Shipping: 5 - 7 days

Priority: 4-6 days

Express: 1-3 days


2 - 3 days

Some customers have received their purchase within four days of ordering!

How does "guilt-free printing" work?

We're part of the Ecologi community, a company dedicated to making the world a better place by planting trees.

That's how we plant one tree for every one of our items. Order your map with us absolutely guilt-free, and know that you're doing your bit for the environment.

Can I order more than one map at once?

Yes! Once you've added your map to your cart, just return to our map page and build another - both art prints will end up in your cart. Make sure you sign in so you can edit your posters later. You can checkout both items together, and we'll deliver them at the same time.

You can create London map wall art prints for a range of different occasions, including:


Wedding days


Christmas and holidays

And more!

Why not make a touching wedding gift or something extra special for a milestone birthday? Decide whether you want your print to be framed or arrive without one. Create a unique print that will be the standout feature of every room.

I made a mistake on my map! How can I fix this?

We get it! Mistakes happen.

Our prints are custom-made to order. If you've made a spelling error in the content, chosen the wrong size, or would like to change your design, please be aware that we only offer a four-hour window to update your map and fix mistakes.

Send a message to immediately, and we'll do our best.

After the four hour window is up, we'll be unable to edit your print.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do! Our gift cards are a great choice if your loved one wants to design the gift themselves. And the best part? Our gift cards don't expire!

Just visit the gift cards page on our site and read our instructions.

London City Map
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