Beautiful Names That Mean Star For Boys and Girls

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Finding that perfect name for your child is no easy task. Naming your baby is one of the most important things you can do - they'll carry this name forever. There are so many different types of names out there, with various meanings in many different languages. But what about calling your little shining star something that means, well, star?

The beautiful baby names below come with different star meanings. Maybe you're looking for a name that means shooting star, morning star, or the brightest star in the galaxy? Whether you're on the search for unisex, boy, or girl names, check out the star names below. They will ensure your little one shines.

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Baby Names That Mean Star


You'll probably recognize this name, not just because it's a popular choice for a little boy but also because this constellation is one of the most famous astrological signs. Stemming from the Latin origin meaning 'lion,' this fearless name connotes courage and confidence. It's perfect for a lion-hearted little boy.


This beautiful Hebrew name translates as 'morning star.' There are various spellings of this name, including Dannica and Denika.


Plucked straight from Greek mythology, this name represents a greek hunter who later became the Greek God of hunting. The Orion constellation is found on the equator east of Taurus and is also the brightest constellation in the night sky.

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This popular Arabic name means "shooting star," and is perfect for any little boy. It also means "God strengthens".


Cynthia is another name for the Greek Goddess, Artemis, who was the Goddess of the halfmoon.


This beautiful Latin word means "falling star" or the brightest star in the heavens. It's also a Spanish surname that means "dweller in the meadow."


If you're on the hunt for constellation names, this Greek name is stunning. It also means "advising like a man."


This beautiful name is of Sanskrit origin, meaning star and protector.


This beautiful Latin name has a literal meaning of "star." Charles Dickins fans will appreciate this one, too, as it's the name of a character in Great Expectations.


A shortened version of the name above, this name is also of Latin origin and is one of the prettiest baby names meaning star.


Astra is the Greek word meaning "from the stars" or "star." It's a pretty Greek name for your little girl.


Astraeus (or Astraios), means Star God. Astraeus was the Roman God of Dusk, Stars, and Planets.


A variation of the above baby names, you might also recognize this as the name of a flower. However, it's still perfect for a star lover, as it's also of Greek origin, meaning star.

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Setareh (or Setare) is of Persian origin, meaning star or fate.


This is the Japanese word for star and is traditionally a name given to baby girls.


Harry Potter fans might appreciate this beautiful star name. But there's more to the name than a character in a book. This name has Latin origins and means "burning," referencing the brightest star visible from earth.


Another choice plucked straight from Harry Potter, this name is actually of Greek origin and refers to the dragon constellation, one of the largest constellations in the sky. So if you're looking for constellation names, this Greek name is a real winner.


This is a beautiful name meaning star in Khmer.


This name is of Basque origin and means star.


With a Latin origin meaning "little cloud," a nebula is the gas and dust that forms between stars. This Latin name is also a great option for those who are Marvel fans, too!


Zvezda is of Slavic origin, meaning star.


With a Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish origin that means "sun," this is the perfect name for a bright star in the making.


This isn't just a name meaning star; it's the name of a specific star - the cat star. It makes sense, as a common cat name is Felix.


This name is of Latin origin and means "female warrior." You'll find it in the Orion constellation.


With a Greek origin, this name means star in the night sky. It's a beautiful Greek name for any baby girl.


This stunning Spanish word means "star of the sea."


This Latin name is stunning and, like the above Spanish version, translates as "beautiful star of the sea."


This beautiful name is also that stunning inky color of the night sky.


This fiery Latin name means 'scorpion,' which is also the name of a constellation. It's the perfect choice for a baby boy born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.


With Greek origins, this name references the brightest star in the Gemini constellation, making it the perfect choice for summer babies.


This name is of French origin and means "heavenly star" or "heavenly."


With Native American origin, this lovely name means "star dancer" in Ojibwe.


This name meaning "the beginning," is of Indian origin.


This cute name is of Irish origin and means little star.


In Hindi, this name means holy star and is a wonderful choice for your little girl.


Tara is the name of the Hindu astral goddess, who looks after the Underworld, Earth, and the Heavens. Although her name doesn't literally mean star, this is still a beautiful choice.


Of Hebrew origin, this strong name means star. She's also a strong female figure from the Old Testament.


We've offered up a whole list of names that mean star, from those that mean star in the literal sense to other space-themed names. Whether you're looking for boy names, girl names, or unisex names meaning star, we hope you've found the perfect name for your little one.

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