Born on a Full Moon? Here's What That Says About You

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The moon is magical. Its power has influenced so many different cultures, religions, practices, and beliefs throughout the whole of human history.

From werewolves to witchcraft, there is much mystery surrounding the moon. Modern society has a vivid fascination with space, stars, and planets. From night-themed clothing to star maps and prints, the mystery of the night sky is everywhere you look.

Many people are drawn to the moon especially. It's not uncommon to find people outside with their cameras or phones, snapping the different phases of the moon or scrambling to capture blood moons, supermoons, or even an eclipse.

Moon Phases

Moon phases

You may already be aware of the different moon cycles (the first quarter, the new moon, and the third quarter), but it's the full moon that seems to capture everyone's attention - and for a good reason. This phase of the cycle depicts the moon as the brightest and biggest thing in the night sky. Have you ever spotted a full moon on a clear, cloudless night? There is something undeniably mystical about it.

What Does It Mean to Be Born Under a Full Moon?

With the popularity of horoscopes, most people will be aware of their zodiac sign or sun sign. A quick Google search will tell you whether you were born a Pieces, Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini, each with various personality traits to back it up.

But did you know that everyone has a moon sign too? Where the sun sign affects your mind, the moon sign affects your heart and emotions. The moon's energy can also influence your personality, especially if you are a full moon baby.

When a full moon is in view across the sky, this means the moon is directly opposite the sun. Let's take a look at what that means for you.

Your Personality

If you were born under this moon phase, your mind and heart will be at war. You'll likely have a lot of internal struggles between what you think you should do and what your heart actually wants. This can create a crossfire of desires and impulses, pulling you in all different directions, leaving you at a crossroads with no idea which way to turn.

What do People Born Under the Full Moon Look Like to Others?

Full moon and tree

Having lots of impulses, desires, and wants can be more of a curse than a blessing and may affect your productivity, career, and even your relationships. You'll likely have a hard time settling on one thing. If you're constantly surrounded by things you want to try, decisions you want to make, and directions you want to take, this can manifest as a lack of control. That's why full moon babies might come across as indecisive and flaky to others, especially if they go back and forth between decisions. People may find you difficult to depend on, which can make them seek out relationships that are more reliable.

But take these words with a pinch of salt! There's nothing wrong with wanting to experience everything that life has to offer. In fact, that quality will actually draw others to you - many people tend to seek out those with a zest for life, as this characteristic will be exciting and alluring to them. They'll want to live through you, or you may even inspire them to live more fully.

Because they can think so quickly on their feet, full moon children are also brilliant in times of crisis and are excellent problem solvers. This quality will ensure you excel in your career.

The Full Moon and Extroversion

An extrovert's energy channels outwards, and this is no exception if you're born under a full moon. Your shining presence and glowing personality will draw people in. And because you act on your impulses and desires, this boundless energy will make you look fun and active to others. Extroverted full moon people appear as if they are living life to the fullest. These are all traits that others inspire to adopt themselves, so they'll find themselves gravitating toward you.

The Full Moon and Introversion

An introvert's energy channels inwards. You may not be as forthright as your extroverted friends, but there will be something about you that will draw others in, creating an aura of mystery and allure. Although your zest for life may not shine outwardly, everyone will be able to see the glow from within.

Tips and Practices as a Moon Child

full moon in night sky

Being a moon child, you might find your impulses tricky to master, especially when you're faced with many decisions. But there are a few tips and tricks that will help you be the best version of yourself.

  • Think before you act. - The first step is to take a breather. If you allow yourself to slow down and think before you make any rash decisions, you'll be able to listen to yourself and work out what the most important desires are - they'll be the ones that remain.
  • Give in to your desires and follow your strongest impulse. - You may feel that ignoring your desires and doing nothing is the right course of action, but this could negatively affect your well-being and happiness. Giving into what you want will help you be true to yourself and access your full potential. This is a good trick if you find yourself at the mercy of a million different desires and impulses.

How Rare is it to be Born on a Full Moon?

There's a lot of superstition out there when it comes to the full moon and pregnancy, with many wondering whether the full moon impacts labor. Many people believe that more births happen during the full moon phase than not, but this Slovenian study found that this is simply not the case. In fact, they found that babies were more likely to be born under the third-quarter moon phase.

moon phases study

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How to Find Out if You Were Born on a Full Moon

There are many online calculators that will tell you which moon phase you were born under, but we like this one by Moon Giant the best. It will also give you your moon sign, too.

Other Moon Phases:

If you weren't born under the light of the full moon, check out the other moon phases and see which one resonates.

New Moon Phase

The new moon occurs when the moon's face is completely in darkness. The new moon phase is associated with bright new beginnings, which is why people born under this moon will often try new things, start new projects, and experiment with all life has to offer. See the full description of what being under the new moon means here.

Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent moon is also known as the dark moon. The personality of someone born during this lunar phase is likely to have a similar energy to those born under the new moon, but not identical. However, they'll be less likely to take risks.

Waning Crescent Moon

Those born under a waning crescent moon are likely to be very spiritual, even if they're not particularly interested in astrology. Due to this connection with the spiritual world, they may often receive feelings, thoughts, and even visions that will help them in their path to success.

Waning Gibbous Moon

If you were born under a waning gibbous moon, you're likely to appear wise to others and may have often been referred to as an "old soul." This is because people born under this moon's influence are likely to be more reflective than those born under a waxing moon.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

People born under a waxing gibbous moon are motivated, hungry for knowledge, and eager to pass that knowledge on. So it's not difficult for them to achieve their goals and dreams, as long as they put their mind to it and believe in themselves.

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